10 12, 2012

HelpDesk Software

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A friend of mine runs his own medium sized business and asked me if I could help him find a solution to IT issues his staff were having, so together we started hunting around the internet for options. We soon found a website called www.HelpDeskSite.com who have a blog dedicated to discussing helpdesk software that allows your workers to raise [...]

9 11, 2012

C2C trains

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I've recently found out that the C2c commuter trains that run from Shoeburyness through to London Fenchurch Street offer the cheapest and best service in the UK. I was slightly surprised by this as I use their trains on a daily basis, and although their time keeping is usually pretty good, they are always packed during peak times, meaning there [...]

29 09, 2012

Finding a short term loan

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As mentioned in my previous post, I'm currently looking to sell my car and upgrade for a new one. As usual, my idea of a new car exceeds the expectations set by my bank balance. That meant I was left with the options of buying a lesser car, maybe leasing one, or perhaps looking at a short term loan to [...]

28 08, 2012

The Essex Lion – St Osyth

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We own a holiday home right on the beach in Point Clear, just up the road from St Oysth. Last week the kids went down their with my Dad and have spent a week with him, having a great time. On Sunday, my wife and I drove down to Point Clear and spent the day with them, it was great [...]

4 08, 2012

Olympics – a very special night

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I've not posted for a while, not for any real reason other then I'm a lazy git. But tonight, I thought I better make a record on the blog, so when I look back at this I won't forget how I felt right now. My last post was me criticising the Olympics tickets sales, I still think that their tickets [...]

8 06, 2012

London Olympics Tickets Timewaster

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Yesterday the Olympic ticket people sent me a nice email telling me that at 11am this morning they would be selling tickets for general sale for several events, including the opening ceremony! After filling out the forms online months and months ago, requesting £400 odd worth of tickets and getting none at all, I was a little excited by the [...]

8 02, 2012

Freemasons Masonic Stained Glass Window

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This is currently for sale on Ebay A couple of years back we moved into our new home, a house with a very average sized kitchen, but a kitchen that contained probably the biggest stained glass window I've ever seen outside of a church. It is apparently a masonic stained glass window - and one that I want to sell. [...]

29 01, 2012

My Essex Girls

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Looks like Essex sells at the moment, with rumours flying around that yet another Essex based "reality" TV show is set to hit the screens sometime soon, entitled My Essex Girls. After the success and popularity of The Only Way is Essex, and Educating Essex, TV producers appear to of decided that any show with the word Essex in the [...]

28 01, 2012

Redknapp for England

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London's Southwark Crown Court has this week seen Harry Redknapp's financial life being laid out in front of them, including admissions by the Spurs boss that he struggles to read and write. This man is one of the most talented football managers of my time, you can't take that away from him. As a West Ham fan, I watched him [...]

27 11, 2011

Shocked by Gary Speed’s death

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Couldn't believe the news earlier today when I heard that Gary Speed had died, aged just 42. I was further shocked when I hear it was suicide. After an amazing footballing career, he was now the Wales national team manager, and appeared on BBC's football show just yesterday. The stature of the man was proved by fans, players and managers today, with [...]

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