Having recently bought my first Mac it occurred to me that I may not be able to view all the old WMV (Windows Media Video) files that I had amassed from years of using Windows platform PC. Thinking that there must be a solution to the issue, I searched around the internet and found a way to burn WMV to DVD on Mac PC’s.

Iskysoft offer a free download so that you can store all your old WMV onto to DVDs, which makes it so much easier to watch them whenever you like and saves plenty of space on your Mac.

Once you’ve downloaded the software it’s very easy to use by just dragging the WMV files onto the program, you can add multiple files and you can even edit them by cropping, trimming or changing effects. You can even add text and background music to them if you wish.

After you’re happy with the files, it’s a simple one click button to start the burning to DVD process. Depending on the size of your files and how many WMVs you’ve added it may take a little while to burn to DVD. However, it’s worth the wait as this brilliant piece of software means that you can share the DVD’s with family, store them away safely and watch them whenever you like.