Domain Names for SaleThe last week or so I’ve been looking into buying some new domain names, and the amount of already sold names is just staggering, even ones you’ve made up in your head appear to of gone.
I’m just looking at the TLD (top level domains) which are .com & at a push I’d consider a .net and there appears to be nothing good left.

Someone I know was seeking a domain name for a games console repairs business they have, so I searched around for something suitable, only to find the same message every time “already taken”.
It’s made more frustrating by the fact that most of these domain names aren’t even being used at all, they are either for sale on Sedo by someone who has no intention of every using it, or it still has the registrar landing page.
I admit I’ve sold a few domain names on Sedo myself, but I’ve only ever sold domain names that I purchased with the intentions of starting a project on. It’s easy to buy a name and think of the great website you’ll build on there and then never get round to it.

I think that is the trouble, domain names are too cheap to buy, a for £3 a year is cheap, even if you never get round to using it. People have bought names 10 years ago, and only cost them around £30-£40 to date, so if they don’t use it they are possibly thinking maybe they’ll just sell it one day when names are even more scarce.

I heard that extensions were supposed to be changing, so anyone could own their own extension, meaning the you could have www.myblog.blokey if that ever happened, but I’ve not heard anything about that for a while.
In my opinion Google gives weight to the .com and then localised extensions such as for UK or for Australia and so on. Google knows where you are in the world, and if you’re in the UK they’ll show you websites above foreign extensions, obviously. I rarely ever see a .me or or .biz ranking highly in Google for anything, so it seems fairly pointless buying one of those.
The new .co doesn’t seem to appear much either, but I have a feeling this may become more popular as a 3rd option above a .net or .info

For sometime now I’ve wanted to buy the name of the town I live in Upminster as a domain, but .com .net .org .info .tel are all sold, half of them are for sale at stupid prices, the other half are used for websites that look like they were built around 1996 and haven’t been updated since. It’s annoying.

An unused domain name is easily sold for £100 – it’s a fair price. Upminster .net asked me for £19,000 – I didn’t even bother replying.

I keep a note of my favourite domains expiry dates, and set up a reminder to check if they’ve been renewed, to date I’ve caught two of them, using (a perfectly named) – they will allow you to set a drop-catch for suspended domain names. They communication isn’t perfect, but their accuracy in securing names is. They also sell names for sensible prices on their site, shame everyone isn’t as good as them.