A friend of mine owns his own business, he thought it was about time he moved into the 21st century and has finally decided that he needs a website to be built.
His lack of knowledge about websites, and web design meant that he had no idea where to start so he asked if I could help him choose a suitable company that would specialise in web development for businesses.
Being interested in his business and the internet I started searching for suitable web design packages that would suit his size company.

One of the first web development sites I found was hobsite.com and the thing that caught my eye with them was their simple and effective pricing structure they offer. Looking at the various packages they offer, they have something available for businesses of all sizes, and the other thing I really like about their site compared with others that I looked at is that they also clearly spell out what services you get and for what price. Structuring their web design packages in the way they do is the perfect way to describe their offers to people who aren’t really too sure what they need from a web developer.
They have 3 web design packages available, Business Advertiser, Business Starter and Business Booster. Depending on the needs of your business, their site allows you to clearly identify which options suit your requirements.

I spent some time searching for a UK company that could handle the website maintenance for my friend’s business and there were many different sites offering websites, but few that went into the detail that hobsite.com do. Their web design packages include clear information about what features are included in each different deal, and they also quote pricing for additional features that businesses may like encompassed within their website.

At that point I was happy that I could inform my friend of the sort of web design package to go for, but I wanted to see examples of previous work that hobsite.com had carried out, after all it’s easy to quote prices and say what web development for businesses you can offer, but all companies will want to see a portfolio of previous happy customers.
Hobsite.com has quite a comprehensive selection in their portfolio, including e-commerce websites and one specialising in event bookings. The good thing is that they have created web development for many different sized businesses too, ranging from small to large, so it’s a good sign that they could achieve something for any kind of company.

The final thing I decided to research for my friend was SEO options, should he decide to proceed with his new website, after all, you want your business to be found online. Hobsite offers a selection of options when it comes to search engine optimisation, and knowing that no two SEO campaigns are similar they offer businesses plenty of info and the option to request a quote.

I think with so many UK companies looking for web design packages you need to weigh up all of your options, and with hobsite.com I think they offer clear options with simple pricing, and a decent portfolio to back-up their claims, which is all ideal for a company to make a decision when it comes to building a new website.