Having recently moved offices we found ourselves looking for a good quality vending machine for our kitchen, after a good search online we found flexivend.co.uk

Flexivend are a well established business that specialise in providing vending machines around the UK. They have a good selection of machines covering hot and cold items, and also have options of stand alone and table top machines too. Based in Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, and Buckinghamshire, Flexivend offer an extensive range of vending machines that provide drinks, snacks, food and coffee as well as water coolers.

I was looking for something that could help serve staff quickly and easily, but also something that met my finances so I was pleased that they have a lease rental scheme of three to five years, which should lighten the financial burden on my organisation.

Looking at their website they have a fantastic range of coffee and hot drink machines to choose from, all of which appear to be top quality, but they also have snack and food vending machines available some of which have a choice of chilled snacks or hold a combination of snack, food, cold drinks options.

I was keen to know about the after sales service that Flexivend offer and was pleased to read that 95% of their existing clients are renewing their contracts year on year. They clearly provide you with machines that are always clean, full of good products and most importantly, in good working order.

FLEXIVEND work with some of the biggest names in the Industry including NW Global Vending, Crane, Darenth MJS, Flavia, Coco cola, and ingredients suppliers Uk Automatic, Nestle, Cadburys, Pg Tips, Lavazza, Tetley, Knorr and Walkers.