I was recently talking to a friend of mine who told me they were experiencing an underactive thyroid, which is something I had never heard of so I decided to search on the internet for further information. It turns out that it’s an insufficient production of thyroid hormones in the body which can cause weight gain and fatigue.
While I was searching for more information on the subject I found the website http://www.naturalremedieshypothyroidism.com which offers all kinds of information and solutions to help treat your underactive thyroid.

The website explores in detail the various symptoms, causes, remedies, treatments and preventions of an underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism. I learnt from the site that the symptons can vary and suffers can experience increased sensivity to cold, as well as weakness, tiredness, dry hair, a gain in weight and drepression to name a few. A properly working thyroid is essential for human functioning and the website is loaded with tips and suggestions including what supplements you can take to help achieve this. Some of the supplements they recommend are zinc, seaweed and iodine all of which are easily available, but as well as the treatments, the website has some brilliant articles on lifestyle changes to help assist you. If hypothyroidism is undiagnosed and untreated it may lead to heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity, therefore I found the website a fantastic source of information to help my friend with, and I have passed on the link.
If you are looking for further information on underactive thyroids, then I recommend taking a look at http://www.naturalremedieshypothyroidism.com as I couldn’t find a better source of information on the internet.