Whilst searching online the other day for travel tips I stumbled across a useful travel blog called tour-aroundtheworld.com
With lots of relevant and useful posts on travel and touring, the blog is a great site to visit whenever you are planning a vacation or trip abroad.

Travel BlogAs I’m planning my first trip to Dublin, I was extremely interested in the post entitled A Visit to Dublin. As with all of their blog posts, this article went into a lot of detail about the city and things to see and do. It featured local information on the hop-on hop-off tour bus around the city, and highlighted the galleries and museums to see, including the National Museum of Archaeology, Decorative Arts, National and Dublin City Gallery; and the Hugh Lane. As well as cultural things to see in Dublin, they also recommended Dublin’s Zoo and Dublin castle as places to visit, two attractions that I’d not thought of.
The useful travel blog also goes on to inform website visitors about the Guinness Store House, a must see for all first time travellers that head to Dublin.

As well as European cities, this travel guide features so much more, including a brilliant article on Chiang Mai in Thailand. Having little knowledge of Thailand, I found this article both interesting and informative. Full of facts, they go on to say that Chiang Mai means “new city” and is Thailand’s top tourist destination. The city is full of its own culture and traditions, and is lucky enough to be blessed with many natural resources to keep its visitors entertained including mountains, forests, and rivers.
As well as natural beauty, I learnt from the travel guide that Chiang Mai has some wonderful temples, monuments, a safari, and some wonderful markets to be found at Walking Street.

As well as articles on individual places to visit around the world, the blog features some posts on travelling tips too. One of my favourite articles is called “How to plan a round-the-world trip”. It’s the ultimate journey, and something not many people ever achieve, so I was intrigued to read their advice.
Round the world travel tips include following one global direction, and not backtracking on yourself, they advise that you start and finish in the same country and head East or West. Buying a round-the-world air ticket using just one airline alliance. This means it will work out cheaper using the RTW booking system such as Star Alliance who have a coalition of 27 airlines, which can help you fly to 1,185 airports in 185 countries. They go on to inform you that the classic (and cheapest) RTW tickets fly between some of the biggest cities and travel hubs, such as London – Bangkok – Singapore – Sydney – LA.
The blog also has a great list of tips, tricks and pitfalls to read through before considering any round the world trip.
Other useful points such as weather during certain times of the year at different locations will certainly be very useful to would-be travellers who are reading the blog.

There are many travel guides online, but tour-aroundtheworld.com is really packed full of useful information about places to visit around the world.