As the dark evenings get longer and colder it’s about this time I like to plan my summer holiday, just to give myself something to look forward too, and next year we were considering a break in Tenerife. I’ve only heard good things about Tenerife holidays, so I started a little research online and found a great resource of information at Tenerife Forum.

The website has a forum, business directory and news section covering everything related to Tenerife and the Canary Islands. Best of all the site has a blog section with lots of different articles, including a full A-Z of Tenerife packed with plenty of useful facts.

As well as places of interest details, Tenerife Forum has a section for reviews of local bars, restaurants, hotels, clubs and excursions. There is also an area for local knowledge share where you can read or write about Tenerife tips and advice for travellers.
They even have a weather update for anyone sitting at home wondering what the temperature is in Tenerife right now. And if you’re still looking for more info and reviews of Tenerife, the website has some links to other useful Tenerife websites too.

Overall, Tenerife Forum is a useful resource for anyone thinking of traveller there for a holiday, from the photos and information it looks a great place to stay !