If like me, you find it a real challenge When it comes to searching for the perfect gift for someone, then maybe I can help you find something truly unique.
I recently found a brilliant website that allows you to name a star after someone special in your life, and is a wonderfully symbolic gift idea.

The website allows you to choose from three different types of star options. Firstly they have a visible star, which as the name suggests is a star which is visible from the UK, you get to choose whether you’d like a brighter star that is visible from larger cities, then you can choose form the selection of decorative star certificates, and of course give it the all important name you have chosen.

Secondly, you could choose a star from a constellation of your choice, so if the special person you’re buying the gift for is for example in the Gemini zodiac star sign, you can opt to buy a star in that particular constellation.

Their third option is to name a binary star, again you get to choose your two certificates and also has the option of an aluminium frame for the certificate. The gift also comes with a professional star map and entry into the star registry.

Every star is clearly visible, and you can find the star by either using the star map that is included in the package or they even have a stargazing app to help you find it.

Of course nothing is officially registered to you, but it’s a great fun gift idea, you get the enjoyment of owning the certificate and scanning the night time skies to find your newly name star.
So if you’re looking for a fun gift idea, take a look at www.starnamingservice.co.uk