Whilst bored on the train the other day I downloaded a brilliant app for my Iphone called Spot The Difference HD – which is a free game on the iTunes store.

It’s the classic game where you are presented with two photographs, and you have to find the difference between the two images, simple, yet addictive and fun.
This app is the first high definition picture puzzle I’ve seen, and the game is visually stunning, with some fantastic photos to play the game with.
Each photo has 5 differences to complete the round and then you can move on to the next picture. As well as the usual feature of spotting the difference, the game also has a countdown timer and a point scoring system too, all of which adds to the fun and challenge. The quicker you solve the puzzles, the more points you score.

There is a huge selection of picture puzzles, with many different themes including famous locations such as New York and San Francisco. The app also has other themes for their photos such as cats, dogs, beaches and countries.

You can either download the free app and get 100 puzzles, or pay a small fee and get 300 puzzles, which is more than enough to keep you entertained for a long while on a dull journey, trust me.

Take a look on iTunes and search for Spot the Difference HD and start playing today.