The internet is full of useful resources, in a huge range of niche categories, but one I found this week is a particularly useful resource based on Social Work.
Social Work Helper is a blog aimed providing news, information and useful resources that are related to social issues. The site is not just for professionals employed in roles relating to Social Work, but for anyone who would use the services.

The posts within the website are perfect for anyone wanting further information on social issues, social work, human rights or social justice, the site has been online since 2011 and is now full of well written and informative articles.

The writers and contributors to the blog enhance the diversity of the content they publish, with guest posts and articles from professionals in several different areas of social care, including Doctors and Social Workers.

The kind of topics that the website covers include Disability, Mental Health and Poverty. The site also covers the effects that things like technology can have on people with special needs.
If you’re seeking a high quality resource on Social Care, or help for social workers then you’ll find some very thoughtful and well written articles at