GoogleSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO) is basically making Google think your website is better and more appropriate to be nearer the top if their search engine then any of the competition. It’s what makes them decide which website sits at the top, and which comes further down the page, something that has a dramatic effect on the amount of visitors a website will achieve, and therefore effects the income a site can generate.

There are millions of “SEO experts” on the internet, all willing to take your money from your wallet and promise you the holy grail of “page one on Google”. The fact is, you’re best of just trying to do it yourself.

My first advice is to join one of the many SEO forums you’ll find on the internet, and start reading what people are saying about it. In old old post of mine “ I want to be top of Google ” I mentioned some of the SEO basics to look out for on your website :

  • Title Tags
  • H1,H2,H3
  • keyword density
  • image alt text
  • SE friendly url extensions
  • textual internal linking
  • sitemap
  • quality backlinks

If you join a forum, such as UK Business Forums you’ll find a whole bunch of people talking about all of these points, each with varied opinions on them.
The one thing that all the so called experts seem to agree on is that a website MUST have high quality content. By this I mean type up some nice articles related to the topic of your website. Not only will the search engines spider the site and appreciate nice wordy articles, when other websites or blogs find the site, they may well link to it if they find it useful, just like I did above with UK Business Forums. Lots of well written and informative articles will make your website stand out as the expert in your field.

Once your site has started to gain some momentum, you should find the quality articles slowly but surely filtering their way naturally towards the top of the search engines.

The trouble most people find is maintaining their patience with the whole SEO – it takes time and effort, but with everything else in life, without effort their is no reward.

Google’s algorithm has hundreds of elements and reasons why a website ranks where it does, but one thing I know for certain is that older websites are always favoured higher then a brand new site, so take your time, ensure the site is built well, and then regularly add quality information for people to read, you should start seeing an improvement in visitors. Oh, and ensure you’ve signed up for Google Analytics to see who is actually visiting your website, without that you don’t know what is going on anyway.