My Sister got married last Summer, it was a wonderful wedding that must of cost them a small fortune. The couple had been planning it for nearly 2 years, and every little detail was perfect.
Then she surprised me when she popped in the other day by asking me “Where is the best place to sell my wedding dress?” At first I wondered why she wanted to sell off the dress she wore on the biggest day of her life, but she was realistic and said that it would only sit in a box in her loft forever more, and never even get looked at, yet alone worn again. With that I Googled Sell Wedding Dress and found the ideal website for her.

The perfectly named is a classifieds website where members can buy or sell brand new or second hand wedding dresses. The site also allows you to advertise bridesmaids dresses too, something that my sister hadn’t thought of as her two daughters that were bridesmaids had already grown out of their dresses.

The website only takes a few minutes to create a new listing and it boasts powerful search features, with each listing page being optimised to be search engine friendly, meaning anyone searching Google for a used wedding dress could easily find your ad.

Each individual dress listing has lots of information for sellers to fill out, such as designer name, colour, sizes and location of the wedding dress. You can also add plenty of photographs to show off the dress. All of those details are helpful for potential buyers, and once they’ve found the ideal wedding dress then they can contact you to arrange a viewing.

Sellers can opt for an advanced listing if they’d like the wedding dress to be featured on the homepage, and unlike other online classifieds sites, they allow your advert to remain online until you inform them it is sold, at no extra charge.

The site also offers good advice to both buyers and sellers, to ensure that each wedding dress sale goes through without any issues. So if you’re looking to sell your wedding dress then I recommend you take a look at their website too.