I work in London, my commute is just over an hour each way, which gets pretty tiring by the end of the week, so the idea of going into town for a shopping trip just doesn’t appeal to me. My wife loves to do her Christmas shopping in Oxford Street so this year we decided to search for an affordable hotel in London and make a big weekend of it.

With the internet there are some pretty simple ways of searching for cheap hotels across London but having found a website called LondonHotelsSpecialOffers.co.uk I thought with a domain name like that I couldn’t go wrong.

As you’d expect with a hotel booking website, their search facility is simple and straight forward to enter what you’re looking for. We wanted to stay in the Victoria area, so we were close to the theatre we’re planning to head to in the evening, and just a short bus ride from Marble Arch and Oxford Street, so I searched Victoria and the dates required and the website had a quick search then returned pages of discounted hotel rooms available.

If you’re looking to stay in London and you don’t know too much about the city, then LondonHotelsSpecialOffers.co.uk have a useful section for popular London hotels and London attractions too, so it’s a useful website to start your search for a hotel in London. The site even has a timeline of major London events over it’s history, which is a useful little resource for anyone who is interested in London’s past and not visited the city before.
I’ll let you know which hotel we choose, and of course leave a review of that hotel soon.