I was recently discussing finances with my father and he was talking about equity release on his property. I wasn’t entirely sure how he could go about it or what it entailed for him, so I took my search online and found out plenty of details from a website called Responsible Equity Release.

Equity release is when a homeowner over the age of 55, and with no mortgage or loan left remaining against the property, can release the equity in their home by arranging a mortgage with no monthly payments to be made.
It seemed like a fairly complicated business to me, but this excellent website has so much information on the subject. As well as an instant equity release calculator online, they also have a comprehensive F.A.Q. section, and an advice page with details of how you can discuss the subject with one of their advisors. They even have a free guide to equity release that they’ll post to you upon request.

The blog section of their website is another fantastic resource of information for people seeking even more details on equity release and how the system could work for you.

The best thing about using this website is that they help people decide if equity release is right for them, rather than just selling a product. They also ensure that you’ll remain the owner of your home giving you peace of mind and helping you compare the facts and figures available.

If you’re considering equity release, then take a good look at www.responsibleequityrelease.co.uk and read up on the information available to you.