Harry RedknappLondon’s Southwark Crown Court has this week seen Harry Redknapp’s financial life being laid out in front of them, including admissions by the Spurs boss that he struggles to read and write.

This man is one of the most talented football managers of my time, you can’t take that away from him. As a West Ham fan, I watched him as our assistant manager with Billy Bonds, then when Bonzo was booted out, Harry came in and became a huge success in the fans eyes. When he left, there were questions about money, he’d sold Rio Ferdinand for a world record £18M for a defender, and West Ham wasted it on average players and soon where saying there was nothing left.

The trouble Redknapp has is this sort of news has always followed him around. He’s called a wheeler dealer, a barrow-boy, someone who loves doing a deal, and now the country seems to of fallen for the “no smoke without fire” type of thinking.

I watched Harry buy some awful toot at West Ham, he had spent most of his career being told by the boardroom that he had no money to spend, so he had to create cash by selling players. It was the same for him at Bournemouth, he sold his own son to Liverpool ! That sort of mentality seems to of stuck with him up until recent times. The sale of Peter Crouch at Portsmouth is one of the focal points at the investigation at the moment, he is accused of sending money received from that deal to an off-shore bank account in Monoco. To make matters worse for ‘Arry, for some stupid reason he named his bank account Rosie47 – after his dog and year of birth.
This is something a teenage girl does when they sign up for an online chatroom or something, name yourself after your pet and throw a date on the end to ensure no one else has that name. What was Harry thinking ?

The rest of the week, he seemed to defend himself by saying he had so much money why would he bother trying to dodge tax on a mere £189,000. He followed up that claim by saying he writes like a 2 year old and has never written a cheque, his accountant runs all of his financial affairs. The whole thing is getting embarrassing for Redknapp.

My selfish problem is this, I want him to be the next England manager, and I don’t care if he attempted to dodge tax, that is done by almost every builder, plumber and electrician in the country every month of the year. We all pay our taxes, we all get fed up with all the hidden extras with car tax, fuel duty, TV licence, council tax, the list goes on.

What this country really needs is to get him out of this silly court case, installed as England manager and watch everyone go mad, and spend fortunes when we march our way to the World Cup finals. We’ll spend so much money on booze, they’ll get their taxes that way. He has to come out of this as not-guilty for the sake of the whole country, c’mon Harry !!!

Redknapp's writing skills