My sister is a hairdresser, she’s always telling me about new brands and products she’s been using, and this weekend she was particularly excited to tell me about some new hair extensions she’d discovered.

As a hair stylist who specialises with brides she likes to only use top quality products, and at Image their real hair extensions fit the bill perfectly. They use the finest real human hair to create clip in extensions, so that stylists only need to clip them and create the style they require, leaving girls looking and feeling amazing.

With a big range of hair extensions in a variety of lengths and colours, Image Hair Extensions make things even easier for you as they’ll allow you to email them a photo of your hair and they will match the colour for you.
Even if you have thick hair already, Image can perfectly match your existing hair with up to 170 grams of the silkiest, smoothest human hair extensions, including aftercare and accessories to keep them looking their best.

As with your natural hair, you can wash and condition your extensions, stylists can also brush and straighten them to meet the desired look, their website has plenty of useful tips and information regarding the extensions.

If a professional hair stylist is recommending them so highly I’m sure Image extensions will stay looking incredible, not just for your big day, but for any day of the week.