As it’s just a matter of weeks until Christmas, I started searching online to see what I could find as a gift for my Dad, being a big fan of his garden I started looking at ideas for gardening gifts, that’s when I stumbled across

Their website sells all manner of gardening equipment, but it was their railing planter that I thought my Dad would like the most. The simple design of the planter means that you can fix it to any railing, whether it be a balcony or fence, it just saddles on top of your railings creating a simple, yet attractive way of planting your flowers.

They have several colours in their range, and they certainly look much more attractive than any window flower box, with them sitting on your railing you can view them from both sides of the fence too.

So rather than having hanging baskets above head height so that you don’t hit your head, but you cannot see, or having window boxes or plants in tubs on the ground, I’m sure my Dad would love a few of these railing planters so that he can see his flowers from wherever he is in the garden. They are ideal for people who don’t have a garden too, as they take up little space and still brighten up any area that has a fence, railing or balcony rail.
Take a look at their website for further details.