My little Cavalier King Charles spaniel celebrated his tenth birthday last week, for such a fun and active dog, it’s quite hard to see him getting old and slowing down. As his movement has become difficult and he seemed to take longer to get going, I did some online research for Dog supplements, and found a wonderful website who specialise in supplements for dog’s joint mobility.

The Dog Company sell a product for dogs with arthritis and joint pain, which is designed to relieve your dog’s pain and discomfort. Not really wanting to give my dog something I hadn’t researched, I read up on the ingredients and found them all to be natural, and all aimed at supporting muscles and tendons in the body. One single tablet a day is enough to help improve your dog’s mobility and overall joint health, and considering how much my vet’s bills have become since my dog became older, I’m happy to try and use them to put a spring back in his step.
Because the ingredients are all natural, you can continue to give them to your dog for the rest of their life. They are also recommended as a preventative too, so worth looking into if you have a dog that is prone to joint problems, or becoming older. As they are beef flavoured, if your dog is anything like mine, they will only be too happy to chew one a day, but equally they can be broken up and mixed into their dinner.

The customer reviews of the joint mobility supplements are excellent, with plenty of happy people providing information of how their dog has benefited since taking them, all very encouraging signs.

The Dog Company are based in the UK and their products are also made in the UK, they offer next working day dispatch and for the savvy people, look out for their 10% off your first order offer on the homepage of their website. You can find the dog company at