One of the key purchases I suggest everyone makes after buying any PC or laptop is some good antivirus software. The assistant in the shop will probably try and sell you one as soon as you decide on the PC you’r buying, and no doubt he’ll tell you how important it is to make your new expensive purchase secure, and how vunerable you are. But making a snap purchase on anti-virus software in the shop will mean you don’t search around for the cheapest offer.

I’ve found the cheapest antivirus software online at sites like who specialise in selling well known system security software like Norton 360, developed by the famous international security company Symantec.
Not only does their webiste offer discounted prices across all antivirus software, but they also have plenty of support and instructions for installing downloads.

The website not only sells Norton products, but also has Eset Security to protect your PC from new viruses, unwanted hackers and intruders. Both of the brands will watch over your PC for any suspicious behavior and quickly identify threats, when you download a file it will scan them and eliminate online threats that they find.
It’s imperative that you buy a good quality antivurus for your computer, but don’t just buy it from the same shop as your PC, take a look at and you could find you’ll save yourself some money.