With my job, I’ve recently been doing a lot of business travel, which means plenty of time spent in airport lounges working away on my laptop. A few weeks back I found myself working on a fairly private project and didn’t want any other travellers to be watching from the corner of their eyes so decided to get myself a laptop privacy screen filter.
After a quick search online, I soon found Vista Protect who sell privacy screen filters that guarantee only I can see my screen, perfect for working in a public environment such as an airport.

Their privacy screen filter for laptops perfectly allows me to sit directly in front of my screen with a clear view, yet people trying to view from a side angle see nothing but a dark screen. It’s amazing how much security and privacy you achieve with the filter when viewing from an angle. They have four different size filters for laptop screens sized between 12.5″ and 17″.

Vista Protect also supply privacy screens for PC monitors too, which are handy for anyone working in an open planned office environment. Again, these screen filters block the view from outside as 60 degree angle. I’ve recommended these screens to our Human Resources team who often find themselves working on private and confidential material. With size options between 20.1″ and 24″ it’s easy to find the right one for your monitor.

The screen privacy filters can either be removable or permanent as well, giving you the option to attach and remove if you wish, or fix it with the adhesive strips so that it doesn’t come off.
And if you’re thinking it will make you screen dark or dull to view, think again, the privacy filter is around 18% brighter than other options on the market, and has either a matte finish to maximise glare reduction, or glossy to give more screen clarity. All you need to do is just turn it from one side to the other.

If you’re looking for a privacy screen filter and still unconvinced of my review, then Vista Protect offer a full lifetime warranty, allowing you to get a refund if you are not completely satisfied.

It really is the ideal solution to stop visual snooping for business users, whether it’s an open planned office, financial institution or when you’re travelling.