After we went on holiday this year, our friends dropped our dog back to us having looked after him whilst we were away. They said, “he’s been scratching a bit”. Sure enough, somehow, the poor little fella had fleas. Mainly my fault for not being up to date with the vets treatment droplets I expect. Anyhow, my wife and I checked the internet for solutions to ensure our home didn’t get infested, and found Pestek who specialise in pest control products for your home. Their flea treatment kits contained everything we needed to deal with the problem, and made sure that we treated all the affected rooms.

Pestek’s website sells a range of pest control items, covering everything you can think of to defend your home from birds, bugs and rodents. It’s a perfectly laid out navigation on their site, with a section for each type of pest, and a selection of items to erradicate them. Pestek sells all manner of products including ant powder, bird spikes, bed bug treatments, flea treatments, rat poison, moth treatments, mouse poison, wasp killer and mole traps to name just a few.

Pestek are not just an online retailer, based in Leeds, they are members of the British Pest Control Organisation, which means you know you’re buying good quality products from a business that knows what they are talking about.
Their website even shares some of their knowledge and advise on their FAQ page, with plenty of quality information on how to control household pests.

Every home wishes they’ll not require any of these products, but most homes will do from time to time, so it’s worth keeping a note of their web address just incase you have the same misfortune that we did !