Having recently purchased a new car, I was looking at the option of buying a personalised number plate to go with it. I’ve always wanted a private plate, but never looked into it before, so I searched online and found www.PersonallyYours.co.uk who sell personalised car registration plates in the UK.

It’s such a simple website to use, at the top of the page is a blank yellow number plate style box for you to type in your desired name or initials and search for a suitable personalised number plate. The results are displayed quickly, and they show a few different options to choose from. The website boasts a massive database full of private plates and have sold many thousands of numbers since the company was established in 1988.

As well as the quick search, the website has a section titled make your own number plate, where you can add letters and numbers to search for a specific plate. Once the search is completed, the site shows you the options available and prices. Should you wish to purchase the private plate, you can just click Buy Now and you can see the overall costs including VAT and DVLA transfer fees. You also have the option of transferring the plates yourself or paying a small fee and Personally Yours will complete the full transfer for you, which sounds like a better option than joining a queue at your local DVLA office.

As well as searching for your own personalised plates, the website has a special offers page. With their prices starting from only £170 for a “Make Your Own” plate, Personally Yours allows anyone to buy private registrations without breaking the bank.