Studying at home with online courses has become a very popular way of gaining further qualifications without the need to spend time in schools or evening classes. There are numerous online training courses available, but one that has really caught my eye this week comes from who are an online karate training academy.

If you sign up for the online karate academy through you can earn your official karate rank from their experienced trainers from their high quality training videos. Their trainers are officially recognized by the World Karate Federation, and the rank that you earn from yellow to black belt is recognised worldwide.

As with other online training, you have the chance to train at your own pace, and for those (like me) who are complete beginners Koto offer a specially conceived program for novices who will easily start off with expert advice and coaching through their 48 training videos. Once you’ve mastered their yellow pass, you can move on towards more advanced ranks.

So if you have no time to find and attend a local karate dojo, take a look at who are the only online karate training system to give you an internationally recognized rank, and best of all you can learn the martial art from your own home at a time that suits you.