Jessica EnnisI’ve not posted for a while, not for any real reason other then I’m a lazy git.
But tonight, I thought I better make a record on the blog, so when I look back at this I won’t forget how I felt right now.
My last post was me criticising the Olympics tickets sales, I still think that their tickets sales website is an utter disaster, but put all that aside, forget that, and just remember where you were when you witnessed Super Saturday at the London 2012 Olympics.

Since the opening ceremony just over a week ago, the appearance of the Queen and James Bond, Mr Bean on Piano and the entire spectacle of thousands of competitors entering our wonderful new stadium, I and the rest of my family have been totally addicted to the London 2012 Olympics.
Tonight, however, is the pinnacle of the games for me, and I only hope we have other days like this.

Feeling so proud to be British, not only are we showing the world how good we are at organising these wonderful games, today we won medals galore, including 6 golds, 3 of which came within an hour at the Olympic Stadium.

Well done to Jessica Ennis tonight, she has proved to the people of Great Britain that you can achieve whatever you want to attempt. The slogan of these games is “Inspire a Generation” and in Great Britain, we really have a great deal of young people who need some inspiration in their lives.

This time last year, London had riots on the streets, hundreds of mindless yobs showing the world our ugliest residents. Tonight we have showed the world what a special and talented bunch of people we have too.