Within the last week I’ve launched two brand new websites, both small business owners based in Essex.

The first site to go live was www.PaulSullivanGolf.com which was switched on last week, although at this stage not quite fully complete as there are still more images to be added. Paul is a PGA member who offers golf lessons at the North Weald Golf Club in Essex. Paul first contacted me back in March to ask if I’d be able to build a website for him, as he’d seen two other golf professionals sites that I’d built, for Chris Jenkins and Matt Stables.
Paul got busy throughout the Summer (as most golf pro’s do) and finally got the remainder of the details to me in September / October time.
His website is one of the largest I’ve put together and consists of 26 pages, including a blog, contact form, a slideshow gallery page and PayPal buttons for visitors to purchase golf lesson gift vouchers.
The site is built using WordPress meaning that Paul can easily login and update his blog with photos, news reports and anything else he’d like to add.
The site is aimed at providing visitors with plenty of information about what he offers from his lessons.

Here is a screenshot of Paul’s new website.
Paul Sullivan Golf
The other website to go live this week was www.CupcakeGalore.com which is by far the brightest (and girliest) website I have ever put together.
The website owner is Cheryl who runs Cupcake Galore in Hornchurch, Essex and judging by the images on her site the cakes look like works of art. Beautiful designs for birthdays and any special occasion, if you live in Essex, take a look at the prices and contact her for an order.
CupcakeGalore.com is also built with WordPress which shows the brilliant capabilities of the platform, that you can build two very different websites, I’ll blog more about WordPress at a later date.

Cheryl’s site also includes a blog section, gallery page, contact form and links to her twitter and facebook pages.
Having requested a website that was “cakey” with a colour scheme to match her logo, with some hearts and butterflies, I was worried I maybe a bit out of my depth having mainly created blokey websites in the past.
The illustration of the lady with the baking tray was from a stock website, and tweaked to match the colour of Cheryl’s blue eyes ! Yep, I really went to that much detail to change individual pixels.

Here is a screenshot of Cheryl’s new site.
Cupcake Galore
For more details, and to enquire about a website for you, please visit www.MadWebDesigns.co.uk