Greeting Cards UK

I’ve been running websites for a few years now, it’s pretty much my full time hobby, and I have no idea where it may lead.

A couple of months back I switched on my first ever online shop, selling greeting cards. Cards shops are something that have always made me think there is good money in them. On the high street they seem to be one of the few shops to of lasted in the last 25 years and of course it still remains a good British tradition to send cards for everything from birthdays to losing your first tooth.

There are of course several well established and large online greeting card shops already, notably they seem to revolve around personalised cards and gifts, where the sender can add the name of the recipient to the card itself. My shop is much more basic than that, I am selling what I consider to be high quality greeting cards at prices much lower then the high street.

The shop is kind of an experiment at this stage, I want to see how far it could go. To make any serious money I’d need to be selling around 100 cards a day, and then branch off into gifts and other ideas I have.

The shop uses wordpress, the same CMS platform as this blog runs on, and I’ve added all the individual items to Google base so that they all appear in Google’s shopping search.

All of the cards in my shop have been bought in bulk, individually scanned as images, and added one by one to the website, which was in itself very time-consuming.

The reason for me boring everyone with this post is because on Friday my experimental shop sold it’s first card, for a whopping 99p plus postage. Obviously I felt pretty chuffed with this, and it gave me aspirations of really trying to build on it.

The one thing I have realised is that no one is going to just buy one odd card from a website that they could buy from the high street or a petrol garage, you want something different from an online card shop. Most of my products are fairly standard at the moment, what I’d call shelf fillers, items that pad out the shop a little, but I do have two “characters” that I managed to pick up which are attracting interest from Googlers. The first is that I have some Rolling Stones Birthday Cards – one of these cards was my 1st sale. The other ones of interest are my Beano Birthday Cards which are also attracting results in the search engines.

My thoughts in my online shop experiment are to now focus on buying unusual cards, perhaps well-known characters and selling those. To stand out from the market you need to find what sells well and be a little different, at the moment, most products in my store are nothing but normal.

Hopefully in a few months time we’ll be reporting a batch of sales, rather than just 1.

UPDATE SEPT 2012 – Closed the website, sold a few dozen cards, now looking for a better product to sell 🙂