Having just spent a week decorating our lounge room, we are searching for a nice canvas image to sit on our blank cream wall. I searched around the internet and found a wonderful idea by the people at miraclecanvas.com.

Miracle Canvas create beautiful canvas prints from a wide selection of 14 million stock images, or you can upload your own photos too, the difference between their canvases and others we found on the internet is that you can order it in any desired shape or size.

Their online configurator is very simple to use, in a few short steps you can upload a photo and design your own style to the canvas. Once you’ve chosen what image you want on the canvas, you are then offered a huge selection of shape and size options, the multi panel canvases have simple, medium or complex designs and layouts to choose from. The best thing about their configurator is that you’re not restricted to fixed measurements, if you decide that you’d like one segment slightly smaller or larger, you simply edit it online yourself.

The image is then split in to whatever style you have chosen, creating a modern and eye catching canvas for your wall. There are even different options available for the wrapped edges of the canvas.

Once you’re happy with how your canvas will look, the price is immediately updated and you can place your order for delivery, with a creation date of just 6 days maximum.

So if you’re looking for a bespoke canvas for your home or office take a look at their website, or view the YouTube video below.

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