Yesterday the Olympic ticket people sent me a nice email telling me that at 11am this morning they would be selling tickets for general sale for several events, including the opening ceremony!

After filling out the forms online months and months ago, requesting £400 odd worth of tickets and getting none at all, I was a little excited by the idea that I could just buy online this morning, little did I know it would be another sham experience by the Olympic ticket selling flops.

London2012 OlympicsWhen I logged into the account I set up last year, I read that the Opening Ceremony tickets, started at £960 EACH ! Yeah, I’ll have 4 of them please. What a joke, the greatest sporting event in London during my lifetime and they are only giving tickets to the super-rich and their corporate sponsors.

So I looked for something less exciting, and as they’d said there were Athletics tickets available, I went straight for them. Sure enough, when I’d searched “only show me available events” there were tickets available for he Olympic Stadium for 3rd, 4th & 5th August. Brilliant, I am available for all those dates, evenings, mornings, I’m not fussy, just being there will be fun.

They offered tickets from £20 upwards, so I thought I’d grab some cheap seats. After filling in the details, and requesting two discounted seats for the kids, I was held in a queue. I waited for around 4 minutes thinking they were in the bag, only to find that they now decided there were “no tickets available”. Disaster.

Not deterred, I upped my ticket price, and tried again. Still the same response. I changed days, now going for £95 a seat tickets, thinking, why the hell not, it’s a one-off. Still no joy, nothing available.

It’s a joke, there is no phone number to call, no seating plan to view and see if it’s just a case of not having 4 seats together, you just get told “unavailable” moments after selecting “only show me available tickets”.

So 45 minutes wasted and still no tickets to see the Olympics that I will go past on the train to work every day. Thanks very much. I hope all the company bosses and sponsers mates have a lovely time drinking champagne and watching it on the TV in one of the lounges. Like the Wembley tickets for the West Ham v Blackpool final the other week, I am left empty handed while there are still seats empty.
Only in England could you wave £400 around and no one will help you to spend it.