Having recently acquired a new mobile phone myself, and bought one for my daughter’s birthday gift, my wife started to complain that she also wanted one of the latest smart phones, so anything for a peaceful life, we went shopping and she chose the LG G3.
After an hour or so of testing it and playing with it, she asked me if I could help her choose a phone case for the LG G2, so we looked up which website had the best information on LG G3 Cases and read their reviews.

The website is packed full of information, useful reviews and lots of detail when it comes to the large variety of cases for the phones, and the first that caught our eye was the PocketBook LG G3 Wallet Case which is a wallet case, ideal for anyone wanting to store cards and cash in the case too. This case also has a kickstand to allow you to stand the phone up if you were watching a video on it’s screen, and it comes in pink too, ideal choice for my wife.

We also read the reviews on the site regarding LG G3 flip cases, and the one that really stood out for me was the CoverBot LG G3 Flip Case. The case looks great and has a metallic CoverBot logo on the front and back. The case has a built in stand for convenient viewing of videos and pictures, and is available in several colours. In the end, my wife opted for the GMYLE Folio Case for LG G3, mainly due to the fact it’s a nice slim case which has slots for credit cards and cash, along with a stand, and best of all was the price, it was the cheapest LG G3 phone case we found!