This week I found myself having a search for a Valentines gift that was a little bit different from the normal box of chocolates or flowers.
After a while of searching Google for unique gift ideas I stumbled across who make Lego and board-game style jewellery and accessories. They items certainly are Geeky and Chic and they tick the boxes for quirky and unique too.

I was looking at the women’s accessories, and they have some really nice items available including Harry Potter rings and necklaces. It’s the sort of thing that you won’t find on the high street in the UK.
Geeky and Chic also create cool looking Lego rings and necklaces, and you’ll even find the mushroom characters from Super Mario on a necklace.

The intriguing little website not only creates accessories for girls, they also have a section for guys too. With some fantastic and unusual cufflinks for sale, such as Lego brick cufflinks, Harry Potter cufflinks and even Scrabble tile cufflinks. With the Scrabble tiles you get a choice of which letters you’d like to have, so perhaps you could order someone’s initials.

As well as accessories for ladies & men, the website also sells a wide range of children’s gifts, housewares and even mobile phone accessories.
Best of all, as the items are made by Geeky & Chic, should you have a custom request you can ask them to design something from your idea.

It’s an ideal site for finding a splendid little gift for someone special in your life, I recommend you take a look !