Having recently launched a new online business, I am keen to ensure that the website grows steadily, but as all new business owners are aware, this can take a great deal of planning and a good stratergy, so I searched online to read all the help and advice I could find.

I soon found www.AndrewSpenceOnline.com which is an internet marketing blog, offering tips, strategies and training advice for people who run home businesses, the site has plenty of useful blog posts to help get more leads, sales and sign-ups, therefore increasing revenues.
The blogger, Andrew Spence, states that his site aims to eliminate the unnecessary so you are free to focus on what is important; building your business and enjoying your life, two things that are exceptionally important to me. It seems from the style of the blog there is no hard sell, no empty promises, and certainly no promises of overnight wealth, this is one internet marketing blog that actually seems to offer serious training and advice, which will genuinely assist people with their business.

A lot of individuals I’ve spoken to over the last few years want to start a website business, but truly don’t realise the hard work and effort that is required by marketing and promoting the site. Andrew’s blog has some very relevant and simple posts aimed at helping you with things like social network marketing. Some of the topics covered are advice on blogging, tweeting, Facebook pages, analytics and even link building.

For me it’s probably the most helpful, easiest to read, and simple to understand blog I’ve found on internet marketing. You can also follow Andrew on his Twitter and Facebook pages to keep up to date with his latest posts.