How many times have you sat at home and wondered how to do a certain task, I mean, something like changing a tyre on a car – it’s simple once you know how, but what if no one has ever shown you how to do it ?
Well there is a website that I’ve found that can help you in every aspect of your life, well almost every aspect!
The website is called and it contains a huge selection of well detailed and step-by-step video guides that can help anyone achieve a specific task properly.

Everyone would like a simplier life, no one likes to spend hours doing something only to find that you could of achieved it much faster had you of known a way of doing it beforehand. This is why is such a great website.

They have a decent selection of video categories, ranging from Food, Health & Fitness, recreation and Art, just to name a few. You can of course just use the search box if you are looking to find out how to do something more specific. I typed in “change a tyre” and up popped a 14 minute video explaining exactly what to do.

As well as searching for something specific, the website allows you to browse through their categories, and you can filter by videos that have received the most views or likes, which helps you find popular videos easily.
Some of the videos have a fun nature, rather than just a lesson. One in particular that I watched with some enjoyment was called “How to juggle three balls”.
After a great 2 minute video, I am still incapable of achieving it, but it was still interesting to watch how a professional managed it !
How the Hell - How To Videos
Another really cool category is the Food section. Rather then buying a cookbook and reading through it whilst trying to create something edible in your kitchen, has dozens of brilliant “how to make” videos. For me, I find it more interesting and fun to watch a video then to read a cookbook, you also get to see techniques that other people are using when in the kitchen. If you had some time on your hands you could browse through their food section and choose something you’d like to create for dinner.

It’s an educational site really, you’ll find a lot of videos showing you how to create, build or achieve somthing that you’ve never even considered trying before, it’s a great way to learn new skills without sitting in a classroom or having to be lectured by someone. There really are some very useful videos on their website which means you may never need to rely on a friend or tradesman to help you out again !
If you’re someone who likes to learn new things then you can subscribe to the newsletter and you’ll receive a list of new “how-to videos” and links to your email box, ready for you to view and trial out your new found skills.

It’s a fun website that is very easy to use and also very helpful, take a look and see what you can learn to do today !