At the end of last year, Google pushed out a yet another rewritten algorithm named Hummingbird. For anyone who has been working on their website’s SEO this could of meant a penalty and a drop down the SERPS. A local business owner contacted me and asked if I knew how to recover from a Google hummingbird penalty. I searched online and found some good SEO analysis available at SEO Profiler.

Updates in Google’s algorithm can have dramatic effects on where a website ranks in their search results, which in turn could have a drastic effect on a businesses’ income. For this reason, you need to be on the ball when it comes to your website’s SEO, and SEO Profiler is a fantastic place to start as they have sophisticated tools to help you get high rankings on Google.

Membership to the site is available for free trials, and once you’ve signed up you’ll get Up-to-date link building and link management tools to help you recover from a Google humingbird penalty, it also boasts a next-generation website audit tool that will automatically scan your webpages for any potential problems.
You can also track the results of your SEO efforts and the site will give you actionable items so that you can efficiently spend your time focussed on the right areas.

SEOprofiler really does provide users with powerful search engine optimization tools that help you to get your website ranked for keywords on Google’s first page. So if you’ve found a decrease in rankings and visitors take a look at SEO profiler and find out how to recover from a Google hummingbird penalty.