A friend of mine runs his own medium sized business and asked me if I could help him find a solution to IT issues his staff were having, so together we started hunting around the internet for options.
We soon found a website called www.HelpDeskSite.com who have a blog dedicated to discussing helpdesk software that allows your workers to raise a ticket for IT support.

The idea is fairly simple, most businesses have a large proportion of their staff working on PCs all day, and when they encounter problems with their system they need support quickly. Not all businesses have a dedicated inhouse IT department, so that is where HeldDeskSite.com can help. Their knowledge on helpdesk systems give you plenty of information regarding remote desktop software, which will enable you to login from any location to diagnose the problem and start to resolve it. The software also has a chat functionality meaning easy communication between the support team and the user with the problem.

When a user raises a ticket, they automatically inform the technical team of the issue, they can remotely login to the users desktop, chat with them live, resolve the problem and then close the ticket when the job is completed. The web helpdesk seems simple to use and it looks like an effective solution to my friend’s business. If you’re looking for more information regarding helpdesk software then take a look at their blog, it has plenty of useful information.