Leading a healthy lifestyle is very important to me, I like to watch what I eat, try not to drink too much alcohol and exercise a few times a week. I’m often searching for new ways to stay healthy, otherwise I find sticking to the same regime all the time becomes boring.
This morning I found a useful website called www.HealthyLivings.com who have a good selection of unique non-biased reviews on various health products. The site also has a blog for fun posts with ideas and tips on staying healthy and living a happy life.

One of the posts on their blog was quite educational for me, it focussed on food that burns fat, such as whole grains that take energy to digest, lean meats, green tea & lentils, these are foods that have a high thermogenic effect, meaning they speed up your metabolism. Maintaining a  healthy living often requires learning about the food you eat, so this is helpful information on their blog.

As well as the blog, the site reviews individual health products, giving visitors a clear and unbiased opinion of each item. As the website doesn’t actually sell the products, this allows them to write more informative reviews.
Healthy Livings have reviews on a selection of categories including vitamins and supplements, weight management, herbal remedies and sports nutrition.

It’s a great website that provides really helpful and useful information for anyone looking to lead a more healthy lifestyle.