Having reached my forties, I have finally succumbed to the fact that I now need to shave what little hair remains on my head. I tried it once with my usual brand name face razor without much luck so searched the web to see if there was such a thing as specifically designed head shaving razor.
That’s when I found the brilliant Head Blade.

Described as the world’s best head shaving razor, I couldn’t wait to give it a go, so ordered the wonderfully designed HeadBlade MOTO.
Headblade produce the most secure, comfortable and functional head shaving razors (including the MOTO), plus a whole range of head shaving products.
The MOTO itself really is the perfect tool for head shaving as it has a dual-active suspension system which pivots its way around your scalp almost like it’s been personalised for your head. The amazing roller ball system the the razor uses, leans around the curves and leaves you with a close and easy shave. All you have to do is place your middle finger in the top rubber ring and you’ll discover that the razor is comfortably connected to the inside of your hand. It’s priced at around £17, which in my opinion is a bit of a bargain when you’re looking to style your head quickly and safely.

Alongside a range of razors, their website also has creams for before and after shave. And if like me, you find that you tend to leave it too long to go to the shops and buy some more blades, you can subscribe on the website and have these quality shaving products delivered direct to your door. You can also pause, change or cancel your subscription whenever you like.

The MOTO HeadBlade really is the most secure, comfortable and functional head shaving razors I’ve found, and I truly recommend you try it out.