I don’t know why I ever thought that West Ham could actually win the Championship this season, I must of been mad.

Yet again the Hammers manage to cock everything up just when you think they were in control. In the last couple of months they’ve gone from a comfortable position at the top of the league to a play-off place in the Championship lottery.

New players, new manager, and yet same old West Ham.

The most important game of our season yesterday as we entertained Reading. It was simple, all we needed to do is win and we’re back in 2nd place and in an automatic promotion position, yet going 1-0 up in the first ten minutes wasn’t good enough to see us on our way.
Letting in 2 goals just before the half time whistle meant we went in the tunnel with our heads down.

The game ended 2-4 to Reading and we now need to rely on them dropping points and us winning. The trouble is, we’re not winning and they’re not exactly dropping points.

I can’t recall the team that ended 3rd in the Championship gaining promotion via the play-offs. We’ve got experience in play-off finals, but only with a 50% record.

Big Sam this week defended his style of play, ridiculed the so called West Ham way, and then took a stuffing from our league rivals.

Only West Ham fans seem to get this torture year after year!