West Ham Olympic StadiumNothing is ever simple when you’re a West Ham fan. Sometimes is seems like since Sir Trev’s header in 1980 we’ve had nothing but setback and disappointment.

In no particular order, a few little things stick in my mind during the last ten years. Manny Omoyinmi, a player who barely kicked a ball for West Ham, played in the League cup quarter final, in which we defeated Aston Villa. Later it turned out he’d played in the competition for Gillingham already that season, so we were forced to replay the game, which went on to lose.

We also lost the 2006 FA Cup final, after one of the greatest matches ever seen in FA cup history, we were expected to push on the next season and achieve great things, instead we sacked our manager and fell by the wayside.
Along came the Icelandics and we thought we were on the up with their millions, except we signed average players on huge salaries and they went bust, leaving us on the brink of disaster.

There was also the Carlos Tevez saga, we “signed” him outside of the transfer window, he should never have been playing for West Ham when he scored that winning goal against Man Utd at Old Trafford. Sheffield United complained that they were relegated when we stayed up, and we were fined millions of pounds.
We hired some crap managers since 1980 too, Rat faced Roeder springs to mind, as well as more recently Toad-like Avram Grant.

It seems that trouble and strife have dogged West Ham for too long now, having been relegated (again), finally we thought there was a glimmer of hope with the news of a brand new stadium in Stratford, how wrong were we.

Today it emerges that the Olympic committee will not be selling it. The stadium, which has cost more than £500m to build, will now remain in public ownership, due to the fact that Spurs and Orient didn’t like the fact that West Ham were awarded it.
Now it looks like West Ham will apply to become a tenant of this stadium instead. This means that we don’t have to spend a fortune converting it after the olympics, the owners do.
Other then the fact that we technically won’t own our own ground, I can’t see any real negatives…. and if it turns out we don’t get it, no one really cares anyway.

Just goes to prove that being a West Ham fan, you can’t relax for one moment.