With Halloween fast approaching I thought it would be a good excuse to catch up with some friends and family that are overseas, so I looked online for some Halloween ecards and found a great website called Ojolie.com

If like me, you prefer to send ecards online rather than the traditional paper card in the post then Ojolie.com is a great website to browse their wide range of online ecards.

Their range of Haloween ecards are all very fun and exciting, and especially high quality with all the usual imagery you’d expect when it comes to Halloween such as pumpkins, witches, ghosts and black cats.

Each of the ecards will entertain the recipient and they are a brilliant way of sending someone a personal message that shows you’re thinking of them, you can send as many as you want without the hassle of trips to the post office and paying for postage.
You get to view all of the animation before you send, so you can pick your favourite online greeting card before deciding who is best to send it to. Membership with Ojolie.com is exceedingly affordable, especially when you consider how much printed cards cost, along with the postage fees. They have such a great range of ecards available on their website, it’s not just Halloween you will save time and money on, they cater for all occasions, my favourite is the birds that type out your message on a typewriter ! Take a look at their website and see what I mean about their Halloween ecards.