MovemberThis time 12 months ago, I underwent what I assumed would be a simple challenge to raise a few quid for men’s cancer. The idea is a simple one, gents do not shave their upper lip for an entire month, and by growing some face furniture you ask for donations for your stupid look, the fundraiser is known as Movember.

Several people asked me if I would be doing Movember again this year, and the answer was a straight forward NO! It’s not that I’m against raising money for an excellent cause, it’s simple because my fuzzy blondish friend drove me slightly insane last year. I simply couldn’t leave the thing alone. It got more strokes in the 30 days then my Cavalier king Charles Spaniel has received in his 3 years. I found myself sitting at my desk twizzling it, rubbing it, chewing it, it drove me crazy.
By around day 20, three weeks in and I was wondering why the hell I was doing it. You see the problem I had, I didn’t really ask many people to sponsor me. I felt like it was a lazy challenge, I wasn’t climbing a mountain, running the marathon or swimming the channel, I was simply not shaving under my nose for a month, it seemed too easy, how wrong was I.

My dear old Mum promised me some money towards it, so I felt I’d come so far that I couldn’t go back. There were a few others in my office doing it too, they seemed to love every second of having a hairy spider stuck to their face, not me, it was hellish and I was counting the minutes to midnight November 30.

One of my best mates had testicular cancer a few years ago, only a young man, a sportsman, who is fit and has run a marathon in his time. If it could happen to him, it could happen to anyone. Since he had 1 testicle removed, and his new ping pong ball inserted, we have completed a 20 mile bike ride most years since for Orchid Cancer Charity. We pay an entrance fee and have a lovely Sunday morning cycling around the Essex countryside, raising a few quid along the way, that way everyone’s a winner, mates get to spend some time together, we have a little exercise, and the charity bags a hundred odd quid from us, it’s all good fun.

So to those of you who are now 10 days in to Movember 2011, I urge you to continue the next 20 days, it may drive you slightly bonkers, you will look like a 70’s porn star, but hopefully you’ll raise some cash for a good cause.
If like me, you refuse to do it ever again after this year, may I recommend you take a look at the Orchid Cancer Charity, and enjoy a much more relaxing way to help a good cause.