Take That Soap DodgersBig Sam may of let me down last night with the Hammers 1-0 defeat to Southampton, but I’m glad to say that Essex Police have cheered me up with their taser guns this morning.

This whole Dale Farm thing has been driving me mad for a while now, and I don’t even live near the place, thankfully. These people contribute nothing to society other than to increase the crime rates. They pay no council tax and refuse to apply for planning permission to build their property.

I applied for planning permission on my house, I wanted to build a wall at the back of my house to meet the end of the kitchen wall, I was told I had to finish 4 inches from the other wall because I would block the light to my neighbours. I didn’t moan, just accepted the rules. My wall (when built) will look silly, and no doubt everyone who looks at it will ask me why it never met the other wall beside it, and why it has a 4 inch drop. Even though my neighbour can have 1/4 mile high fir trees at the end of his garden, blocking ANY sun at all from the end of my garden THE WHOLE YEAR ROUND, I still didn’t complain.

My point is, the rules are the same for everyone. Pay your taxes and stick to the laws, even if they annoy you. Dale Farm residents don’t bother doing either of these (and yes, that is my opinion, I’ve done ZERO research) – I don’t have to, the fact that there is bailiffs and a hundred riot police hammering down their doors tells me enough.

So goodbye Dale Farm residents, you call yourselves travellers, so go travel, I hear Zimbabwe is nice.