As a birthday gift, last week I bought my daughter a brand new Galaxy Note 3 smartphone. She loves the phone and asked me if I could get her a case to protect it, so I searched online and found a website specialising in Galaxy Note 3 cases, covers and accessories.

As you can imagine, there are dozens of different options available when it comes to cases, she wanted something simple and a bit girly if I could find that. The first Samsung Galaxy Note 3 case that caught my eye on the website was the Sigen Slim Armour Case, it has a nice glossy finish, is made of tough poly carbonate and comes in some nice bright colours, ideal for a teenage girl, or so I thought. Apparently the Signe Slim Note 3 case was a bit too tough, so I looked for something more delicate for her.
I soon found the Premium Faux Leather Holster Case Pouch for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which looked very beautiful and stylish, kind of like a ladies purse. It’s available in black brown faux leather and offers perfect protection against dropping your Note 3.
Unfortunately, my teenage daughter was unimpressed with faux leather, and would prefer a real leather Galaxy Note 3 case instead, so my search of the website continued.

Finally, I found a phone case that she liked, the Bear Motion 100% Genuine Lambskin Folio Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It’s an extremely soft phone case, very stylish and attractive, fits perfectly to the phone and offers brilliant protection, what more can you ask for.

If like me you have a rather picky teenager daughter who is looking for a specific phone case for her Samsung Galaxy Note 3, then take a look at they have a huge choice of cases and well written reviews of them to help you make your choice.