Sony PS3For those of you who are following my ongoing saga and reviews of the Sony BDP-S185 Blu-ray Player and the Sony BDP-S380B Blu-ray Player – you’ll be delighted to know that the story didn’t finish there.

You may remember my closing comment on the last post :

“If considering purchasing the Sony BDP-S380B Blu-ray Player and connecting to your wireless network, don’t bother, spend £19 more and get a PS3 – you can thank me later.”

Well, I took my own advice and the very helpful and kind people at Currys allowed me to return my opened and slightly used BDP-S3808 in exchange for a Playstation 3.

The trouble was, that the BDP-S3808 (my second Sony Blu-ray player in a week) costs £119. You then have to buy the Sony dongle if you want to connect it to your wireless network. That add’s up to £169.98 in total, with the PS3 coming in at £189.00 – you get so much more for your £19.02 extra.

As well as playing Blu-ray discs, the BDP-S3808 offered BBC iPlayer, YouTube videos and then a host of other online things that I’d never use, crap things. There was no internet access, no ITV or C4 players… it just wasn’t worth £169.98.
The Playstation 3 however, offers all of those things, and more. So it was a no-brainer.
Thanks to the people at Currys, we’ve gone from a 5-year-old £40 DVD player to a brand new Playstation 3 in our bedroom, all thanks to the fact my wife enjoys watching discs from the LoveFilm package I bought her for her birthday. Now she’ll be fighting me for access to the TV, and I can’t wait to be off work sick again soon…! The end. (hopefully)