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A couple of years back we moved into our new home, a house with a very average sized kitchen, but a kitchen that contained probably the biggest stained glass window I’ve ever seen outside of a church. It is apparently a masonic stained glass window – and one that I want to sell.

Attached below are some photographs of the window. It measures approx 77 inches high by 45 inches wide – about the size of a door !

The stained glass window has the image is of a knight with a sword, sun beams behind him and the wording says “Dedicated to the memory of Cedric John Tonkin, the beloved leader of the fellowship, 1921 – 1931” – Presumably Cedric was a high ranking member of the Freemasons 90 odd years ago, I wish I knew.

I know nothing about the Freemasons, Masonic Lodges or anything alike. I did however once have a guest at my house who was “on the square” (I am told that is the saying) and when this guy saw it, he got so excited by it he ran off to immediately call his Masonic lord (no idea if that is the correct title).

I have to say, in the right place, this window is really something to be seen. It doesn’t look at home at all in my little kitchen and the fact that I am about to knock the wall down that it sits on leads me to want to get shot of it.

The window would be perfect in the a Masonic Lodge somewhere, or maybe a home of a Freemason ? Either way, I’m spreading the word that it is for sale, and I’ll be placing it on Ebay sometime soon.

If you have any interest in a Masonic stained glass  window at all, then please contact me via the contact page I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Since starting the ebay auction, I seem to of found some more information on Cedric John Tonkin :
Admiralty: Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve: Records of Service, First World War. He died in 1931
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Freemasons Lodge Stained Glass Window

Masonic Lodge Stained Glass Window

Masons Knight

Masonic Masons Lodge Stained Glass Window