A friend of mine is in the early stages of planning his wedding at the moment, and already they are beginning to realise that organising such a big event is not as easy as first thought, especially as they have wedding guests coming from all over the UK.
He said they’d started using a new little online app called WeddiGo to help them with their wedding planning, so being someone who is interested in new online ideas I decided to take a look at what it offered.

WeddiGo is a free system that contains all the essential wedding planning tools that brides & grooms will need to easily plan a Wedding or Civil Partnership.
The app has several different features available, including help with the challenging task that is creating your final guest list, which also allows you to enter contact details and any special requirements your guest may have.

When you are planning a wedding it’s quite difficult to keep up to date with what you have already arranged and what is still left to be done, and WeddiGo covers this very well with lots of useful tools and features including a budget calculator and even an online RSVP system to allow guests to reply to your invites online, meaning you’ll know immediately who can attend and who hasn’t yet responded.

The system also allows you to build a wedding song list, and a photography list, which is a brilliant idea for you to ensure your wedding photographer has knowledge of all the various family and guests shots that you want on your big day.

Overall, for a free to use website I think WeddiGo is great, it covers all aspects of wedding planning and is easy to use. I recommend you take a look at their site here – WeddiGo.com