Free Online LibraryFor many years now we’ve become used to watching online videos via YouTube and other similar video sharing sites, but up until recently I didn’t realise the same practice of sharing media was available for magazines and books. is a great website that allows visitors to read and publish books and magazines online free of charge, it already has a huge selection on offer and you can simply read the literature online using your laptop, PC or even an iPad.

More and more people are becoming used to reading books on electronic devices like the iPad or kindle, and is the perfect online library for free content, with over 100,000 books magazines and catalogues available to read without subscription or membership required.

All of the content is conveniently stored in different categories, allowing visitors to the website to browse their chosen category of interest and search for a publication they would like to read.
Once you have found something you’d like to read, it’s as simple as clicking the cover of the book or magazine and a new window is then opened with the book of your choice. As with normal printed books, you can turn the pages and flick through from cover to cover. It really is a simple system, using a flick of the finger on your touch screen or the click of a mouse on your PC to turn the pages.

If you are looking to promote a publication of your own, uploading books or magazines is a very simple process too, and uses a Twitter or Facebook login for anyone who wants to add to the content of the website.
You can set which category you would like your online books to be highlighted in, which means your readers can find the new material when then are searching for specific topics. One of the best things about publishing free online books is that you will find a new readership of people who may not normally buy your content online or in a shop. The fact that anyone can pick up your book and start reading without having to pay for content or membership fees means that they are more likely to experiment in reading publications they may not normally read.

Publisheep also has the option to search for a particular publisher to see what else they have published on the website, this means if you’ve found one online book you like, you can search by the person who published it to see what else they have uploaded, you may well find other publications by that person you want to read.
The website also allows you to create your own groups where you can share information and discuss certain things about the books with other Publisheep users.

Overall I think the site is a great idea, with so many people now preferring to read digital media rather then printed paper I think Publisheep are really onto something here, and by allowing users to join for free and upload unlimited material the website will grow with no boundaries. The first magazine I’m looking at is Jamie Oliver’s Sainsbury’s recipes, getting a few ideas for my dinner ! Take a look at and see what you can find in their fantastic online library.