A mate of mine is a huge fan of fishing, so for his birthday gift I went in search of fishing t-shirts and found a great website called Fork Length Fashion is a brand of Fishing T-shirts. who specialize in Bluefin Tuna and Striped Bass, their website has a legendary fishing photo gallery which includes some stunning and historic images of fishermen with their huge hauls !
Fork Length Fashion have a mission that is to provide fun, fashionable apparel to finn minded individuals, based on their beloved fish of the Northern Atlantic Ocean.

The business is set up by Rob, calling himself a “3rd generation finnatic”, who spends countless hours on the North Atlantic fishing, making him appreciate a good quality fishing shirt.
Having found that good quality shirts, with an East Coast flair were rather hard to find, and faced with the loss of his job, he decided to make his dream become a reality by starting Fork Length Fashion and using his many years planning the ideal fishing shirts.

Rob was bitten by the Tuna bug and has spent most of his life fishing with some of the best in the business for Bluefin Tuna around Gloucester Massachusetts in the US.
On his website he’s compiled a large photographic history with some of the great fishing moments from his family, along with his many fishing partners too.

Says Rob; “I’ve had summers where my wardrobe just consisted of a dozen sun faded fishing t-shirts and I hope you enjoy Fork Length Fashion as much as I do.”

His range of fishing shirts consist of Chum Line Ts-shirts, marina wear, ladies and kids wear, along with hoodies and sweatshirts too. My personal favourite is the kids t-shirts with the slogan “Just a wee minnow now”.
For more details on the range, take a look at the website www.forklengthfashion.com