Whilst surfing around the internet earlier today, we stumbled upon a wonderful little website with a very catchy name called foob.me.

Foob allows you to browse an infanite number of facebook cover ideas that are customised with your photos and text.
You can get a new outfit for your profile by signing up to become a free member of the site by simply using your facebook ID. Once you’ve connected with the site you can start to make your Facebook profile more fun and personal.

Whether you are looking for something more creative for your personal page, or artwork that helps to promote your commercial page, Foob’s facebook page designers can help ensure you make a bold statement on your profile and capture your personality and values.

Currently the site is offering several paid timeline covers and designs, but there will be some free content coming soon.

So if you’re looking for something extraordinary rather then just ordinary for your profile page, take a look at foob.me to see how their cover ideas can be easily customised with your photos to help you create a fantastic visual impact for your facebook friends to be jealous of.

Overall we think this idea is totally Foobulous !