Choosing a reliable web host is one of the most important aspects when considering building a website. Around 6 years ago I set up my first website, and chose an American hosting company to start with, as they offered a great package for a low price. After a while I was learning more about SEO and some people told me that my .com website hosted by a US web hosting company wouldn’t help my search results.
As my website was 100% aimed at the UK market, I decided that it was best I found a UK web hosting company, that’s when I stumbled across EUKhost.

The thing I liked about EUKhost was the fact that they allowed you to buy a shared hosting account and add as many websites as you like. They also had no restrictions on the amount of email accounts or MySQL databases either. At the time I’d just discovered WordPress and fell in love with it, still today I love it and now only build websites using their CMS.
Due to my love of WordPress and the fact I was beginning to build more and more websites, I bought my first shared hosting account with EUKhost, and set up several websites quite quickly.
EUKhost had two great things going for them, seriously good uptime, and seriously good customer support. I had never used an online Live Chat facility to instantly try to rectify a problem, but soon after using it once or twice I knew that the helpful guys on the other end would be able to help me resolve any issue I had with my website. They just seemed to find the fault and either fix it, or tell me what to do myself if it was my issue.
The uptime was great, but at the time I just assumed every web hosting company was that good.

A year or so ago, things went a little wrong for me & EUKhost, a couple of my WordPress websites were hacked into by some useless good for nothing specimen, presumably in some attempt for them to direct links to their pointless website. Somehow, someone kept managing to upload a file onto my accounts and it was affecting the websites. I got frustrated, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t fix the issue and stop the infiltrators. I changed passwords, deleted ftp accounts, kept plugins & themes upto date, but still the issue came back.
As I was using the account to host websites for businesses, I decided enough was enough, I had to move hosting providers.

That’s when I bought the most expensive Shared Hosting account with – I moved several websites and the hacking issues stopped. Oddly enough, those that I left with EUKhost also stopped being hacked. Whatever I’d done had solved the problem.
I’d only just renewed my account with EUKHost, so I left 6 or 7 sites on their server, and uploaded around 8 or 9 onto the new hosting at
Everything seemed ok to start with, until I started to use their Live Chat to resolve issues. They took ages to reply, then once someone did connect, they thought nothing of leaving you waiting for 10 minutes after they’d said hello.
They were also rude, spoke poor English, and never seemed to listen to your issue, most of the time you ended the chat with out a resolution to your problem. “Raise a ticket” was the common response, to which I duly did that, only to be fobbed off again.
The other thing was their uptime, or lack of it. claim they have great uptime, they don’t. Quite often in the middle of the day, my sites would drop offline for upto an hour. It was a joke.

So 9 months into my hosting with and I found myself looking around again.
I looked at 123-reg, and having used their dashboard for domain name changes etc, I wasn’t impressed. A friend of mine hosts a WordPress site on their hosting and it’s the slowest site on the internet, totally down to the 123-reg servers being so slow. Even with their January sale on shared hosting I wasn’t tempted to use them. Funnily enough a couple of months back, his WordPress site got hacked too, proving no matter what host you use, if they want to hack you, they will.

Everywhere I looked, EUKhost were the best option for me as far as I was concerned. Their customer service is brilliant, even better than most companies not just hosting companies.
So I went back and purchased their Platinum shared hosting for £7.50 a month, use the code EUK10 and get a 10% discount.
I spent the weekend moving websites back to my new EUKhost account, I had several different issues, and the customer service team helped me every time. Issues with moving emails from one account to another were resolved, issues with settings on WordPress were resolved, you name it, they’ve helped me out, and in a couple of days I successfully moved about 10 domains back to EUKHost.

Lesson learnt, I’ve added security plugins to all of my WordPress sites, and I have decided there is no way I’m moving hosts again, eUKHost get my vote every time and I truly recommend them. If you’re looking for a great UK web hosting company, then take a look at Eukhost.

One final comment, if you do get your WordPress site hacked, check out and look for someone who is advertising they’ll fix it for you. Choose a seller who has great feedback and you won’t go too far wrong.